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  •  “EFP Capital LLP (“EFP”) is an investment and advisory boutique specialising in the structuring of bespoke alternative products for institutional and private clients.
  • EFP partners provide seed capital and invest in all the structured products and funds we work with.      
  • In addition, we support both new and established  fund managers in all stages of capital rising.
  • Our highly experienced team is committed to enhancing investors' risk/reward profiles as well as optimising the underlying fee structures.
  • EFP does not charge fees to investors, but is remunerated by the fund managers from within their standard fees. To ensure alignment of interest with our investors, we are always paid on a trail basis.
  • EFP selects funds and investments primarily on a qualitative basis, working only with managers whom at least one of our partners has known professionally for many years.
  • EFP has raised over $2.5 billion of capital for structured products and single funds over past years.
EFP Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Pillar 3 Disclosure  |  Disclaimer   
   © Copyright 2013 EFP Capital LLP.